Lynoure Braakman - Curriculum Vitae

Contact information

Ella Lynoure Susanna Braakman
Phone number
+49 1578 5326 269
Bremen, Germany
Work location
Bremen area or remote, years of experience at working remotely


2000 - 2012
Helsinki university, studies in Computer Science
1998 - 2006
Turku university, studies in Computer Science
1996 - 1998
Turku polytechnic, studies in Datacommunication

Work experience

September 2020 -
Meeting Bees, early stage startup, cofounder
May 2019 - May 2020
LEOLI - Leap of Life, early stage startup, cofounder
January 2019 - April 2019
Contact Software GmbH, Software Engineer
January 2018 - December 2018
neuland - Büro für Informatik GmbH, Software Engineer
January 2017 - December 2017
neuland - Büro für Informatik GmbH, Consultant (Software Developer)
December 2014 - November 2016
Suomen Tilaajavastuu, Consultant (Senior System Administrator, Team Leader, Scrum master)
November 2014 - December 2017
Lynoure Braakman (my own business)
June 2012 - April 2013
Solinor Oy, Software engineer/Architect in a Scrum team
June 2010 - March 2012
Neusoft Mobile Solutions Group, Senior Software Developer (python programmer and scrum master)
December 2009 - May 2010
On a sabbatical, coding a Qt application for Maemo
February 2009 - December 2009
Eficode Oy, System Specialist (system integration, PHP coding)
2000 - November 2009
Tmi Lynoure (own company, latest project was in Python/Django)
September 2008 - November 2008
Navicron Oy, Programmer (LifeMatta development in Python/Django)
April 2007 - November 2007
BaseN Oy, Systems Engineer
November 2005 - July 2006
Sulake Corporation, Testing Engineer in a Scrum team
August 2002 - September 30th 2002
Helsinki university, Computer science faculty, IT support
April 2002 - July 2002
Keko Technologies, IT Specialist
January 2002 - March 2002
Helsinki university, Computer science faculty, System administrator
October 2001 - November 2001
Suomalainen yhteiskoulu, teacher of a high school computer course
October 2000 - June 2001
Wapit Ltd, Software developer in an Extreme Programming team
May 2000 - September 2000
Nixu Ltd, System administrator
November 1999 - May 2000
Turun Ylioppilaskylä Asukasyhdistys, Network support person
Summer 1998, 3 months
Turku city healthcare offices, PC Support
Summer 1997, 3 months
Turku polytechnic, a trainee in the laboratory of data communications


Programming languages

Python (Django)
  • neuland - Büro für Informatik (all of my consulting work, and part of my employed work as well
  • Neusoft (the bread and butter of my work)
  • LEOLI (part of our chosen stack)
  • Eficode (integrating and modifying tools written in python)
  • Navicron (all of my work consisted of this)
  • Contact Software
  • Tmi Lynoure (various python based solutions for customers)
C++ (Qt)
  • Neusoft (minor part of the project)
  • Hobby projects
  • One iPhone app
  • A part of very many jobs and projects
  • Contact Software
  • neuland - Büro für Informatik (in most of my work as an employee)
  • WapIT, occasionally in other projects
Perl, shell script
  • Frequently needed skills in the sysadmin positions I have held, less but still needed in many of the other positions as well
  • Eficode and multiple projects.
  • Programming courses and early hobby projects
  • Learned for fun, have not gotten to use it at work yet

Testing skills

TDD and unit testing
  • In most programming positions and projects
Test planning (functional and acceptance testing)
  • neuland - Büro für Informatik (in my one-person project)
  • Neusoft (for deployments, team did not have a dedicated tester)
  • Eficode (additional planning)
  • Sulake (major part of my job)
Web testing automation with Selenium/Eggplant, load testing
  • Eficode (minor)
  • Sulake (major part of my job)

Other programming related skills

Database design and maintenance (Postgres and MySQL)
  • All my programming positions, to varying degree
User interface design
  • Neusoft
  • Eficode
  • Neusoft
  • BaseN
Extreme Programming and Scrum
  • neuland - Büro für Informatik (team member, and one-person agile team)
  • Suomen Tilaajavastuu (scrum master for one local and one distributed team)
  • Neusoft (part-time scrum master)
  • Eficode (part-time scrum master)
  • Sulake (team member in a scrum team)
  • WapIT (team member in a XP project)
Various version control systems
  • Used in every project, and I don't want to work without one. Git preferred.
  • Eficode (team was designing, implementing and maintaining a solution offering multiple VCS services
HTML, CSS, basic Gimp skills
  • In use in many jobs and projects.
  • Documenting has been a skill needed in most jobs and especially in the projects by Tmi Lynoure.
User support and training
  • Neusoft (part of team responsibilities)
  • Eficode
  • Tmi Lynoure (all projects)
  • BaseN (major part of my job)
  • A routine part of sysadmin jobs

System administration skills

Well-rounded skills in setting up and maintaining Linux servers, special interest in the intersection of security and usability.

Other skills

Customer relationship management, understanding actual customer needs
Evaluating technologies
Working with teams, projects and stakeholders
Improving processes


Fluent spoken and written (has been my home language for over 10 years)
B1 certification, reading and understanding clearly higher
Basic level

Hobbies and other activities

Social dancing
Brazilian zouk
Making some of my own clothing
Non-fiction about computers, business and psychology. Science Fiction and Fantasy
Boardgames, computer games
Public speaking
Toastmasters, conferences